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I Could While Away the Hours, Conferrin' With the Flowers...
Written on 10.28.03, at 11:35 pm
dizboy’s disturbing daily diet…

1 Boston Market Meal – Salisbury Steak and Macaroni & Cheese

1 Grandé Gingerbread Latté

5 Fun-Sized Butterfingers

1 Package Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts

1 Fun-Sized 100 Grand

1 Microwave Pizza

John Live*

*Not at all live…

So, remember that whole thing in the last entry about just how odd my job can be?

Well, Monday afternoon I’m asked to tag along to help out on a press event Universal’s doing in NYC.

A free weekend in NYC?

Nay…a free HALLOWEEN weekend in NYC?

Of course, I accepted.

Trips are fun, especially when other people pay.

The icing on the cake was the fact that we’d be staying at the Paramount, an Ian Schrager hotel I’ve had my eye on for years.

Excited, I go about my day deciding what to pack, and who among the group of performers we’re bringing that I’ll schlep around with.

Tuesday afternoon, I walk into work with a skip in my step.

Sitting at my desk, our Stage Manager comes around the corner holding a tattered straw hat, approaches me, and puts it on my head.

“Perfect!” he says, stepping back.

Not sure as to whether or not I’d just been cast as the lead in “Big River” or not, I asked…

“This is for…?”

“You’re going to be our scarecrow.”

“Our scarecrow?” I ask.

“Our scarecrow.” He replies.

He goes on to explain to me that because my head fits the hat, I’m the lucky little Cinderella who gets to be a part of the segment on CBS’s “The Early Show.”


Now, in addition to my responsibilities as the trip’s production coordinator, I get to act like a scarecrow so that our Halloween executives can…

Well, you’ll just have to watch the broadcast, won’t you?

CBS - The Early Show

Friday, October 31st, 7am-10am EST

The segment’s tentatively titled “Universal Orlando’s Haunted Halloween.”

I’ll be the scarecrow.

(but you all know I'd rather be Dorothy.)

Be well…


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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