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Barbara Slept Here
Written on 09.07.03, at 9:44 pm
There will be no bells and whistles for a while, and there will possibly be glaring errors in spelling and or grammar.

Not that I've been around lately, but anyhow...I have a new computer...Brand spankin' new, really.

It's black.

And fast!

And...it doesn't have MS FrontPage, which is what I used to build my layout, and how I used to do entries with pictures, and such.

I'm trying to figure out how to move the program from old to new, so until that happens, any entries will be very low impact.

Anyway...hi again, folks.

You know what?

If you met someone online, and you're out with them, and someone asks...

"So, how do you two know each other?"

Don't make something stupid up.


"We met online."

See? Three words...it's not tough.

1) Little to no people will be so obnoxious and ballsy to make an issue of that.

2) PlanetOut, Gay.com, Friendster, Diaryland, Hot or Not...on and on and on. There's no stigma anymore, people. My gosh, it's better than a seedy bar with people trying to slip something in your drink.

3) Odds are pretty darned high that the person who asks has done it too, whether they'll admit it or not.

There, um...was really no catalyst for that, other than my friend making up a story as to how he met a boy he's dating.

I told him he was silly, they looked happy, and I could give a rat's behind.

So, the moral is...if someone tells you that they met someone from the internet, shut up, and say "Cool".

Unless of course they're telling you that they're meeting people in parking lots at 1am, and getting into a car with them, or going over to the person's house alone, well, then...tell them that they're stupid fops, and need some common sense.

But otherwise, be nice, ok?

Things have been...hectic...as of late.

I'm working 40+ hours a week at Universal, putting in some time at Gap, volunteering, and...ready for this?

I'm back in school!!

I know, I know...it doesn't seem like much, but I'm at my best when in an academic situation.

Not that I care too much for higher education these days, but I'm happy when I'm learning, so I'm happy at the moment.

What else...?

I dated a doctor.

Then we broke up.

Which felt empowering, really.

To say to myself..."I gave up a doctor, and I'm darned fine with that."

I've been dating a bit more lately, but very, very casually.

Casually, meaning an actual date...No naked time, no tongue hockey...

They may get a nice good night kiss at the end, but that's all I'm willing to give at the moment.

I've become a huge prude in the past two months or so.

I suppose it's what the boys call a "cock tease."

Which, I always though was to be taken literally, i.e. - in the heat of the moment, as he takes it out, you'd say,

"HA HA! Look at that little thing!"

That constitutes cock teasing to me, but I'm, you know...special.

Anyhow, dating...I think I really made myself want to shape up when my friend Lulu and I were discussing a boy she made out with.

I said,

"Ooh! How big was his penis??"

Because I'm twelve.

And she said,

"Well, John...In the heterosexual world, 'We made out' doesn't mean 'I touched his penis.'"

And everyone had a good laugh.

Not that I was some loose slut or anything, but I felt that I'd been a little lazy in my attempts as self-control, hopping into bed with someone on the first date.

Now you can all take your little aspersions and cast them someplace else, because for me a little nookie does not mean the consummation of full out man love.

That, my dear friends, is reserved.

Like the Lincoln Bedroom.

While lots of people get to go into the White House, take the tour, hit the souvenir shop, take a few pictures...Only a few get the privilege of staying there.

Hmm...I think I lost myself in analogy land, but I'm fairly sure that I just compared my ass to the Lincoln Bedroom.

Which I don't feel is a good comparison, as Barbara Streisand has never slept in my ass.

To my knowledge, at least...

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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