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I "Refuse"
Written on 05.21.03, at 6:48 pm

dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Bottle Grapefruit Juice

1 Breakfast Platter - Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, French Toast Sticks, Syrup

1 Milky Way Bar

1 Hot Dog - Mustard and Ketchup

1 Medium Cherry ICEE

1 Bag Cheetos

1 Piece Apple Pie

John Live*

*Not at all live...

Having every intention to update last night, I instead passed out unceremoniously on my bed, as a result of too many Grey Goose dirty martinis.

Three olives.

You see, last night myself and two friends from Universal went to the Velvet Lounge at Hard Rock Hotel.

That’s one of the good things about working at a Theme Park. Plenty of Resorts with plenty of bars…making it very easy to “grab a drink” after work.

So, two hours, and $106.72 later, we were feeling no pain.

I was thinking of something as we were all sharing our worldviews with the philosophical assistance of alcohol…The incredibly awkward scene where someone just spontaneously vomits out of nowhere…no warning, nothing.

I don’t know why, but it made me laugh.

I laugh, because it’s happened to me.

Well, not to me, but I’ve been at the table when it’s happened.

Back in summer 1997, I had a very close group of friends back at Disney. They were all girls, and they were all on the Disney College Program. That is to say…they were doing Disney’s version of an internship, where they came for a season (usually 3-4 months), worked somewhere, and then fled back to the colleges and universities from which they came.

So, once this group disbanded, we all kept in touch, and still do to this day.

Right…the story…

So one time, a few years back, some of them were back in town at the same time, so we had planned a festive little dinner reunion at Bennigan’s.

During this time we were, of course, drinking…

Of course.

So sometime during the conversation, we were just all laughing, and jabbering away, when suddenly one of the girls just…threw up.


No warning, no attempt to rush to the restroom.



For those of you who have never encountered something like this, there is absolutely NO FITTING RESPONSE.

I don’t think anyone was necessarily embarrassed, besides her, but your brain just skims through its entire lexicon searching for a word, or phrase that is appropriate.

There is none.

So…Salsa, anyone? 

The roommate and I have waged an unspoken war upon each other.

This battle is to see which of us will first break down, and take out the garbage that has piled up within our trash bin.

Neither one of us has said anything to the other, no mention of how high it’s getting…

Just this dangerous game of refuse Jenga, where we pile each piece of new garbage upon the previous, hoping that we’re not the ones who will cause the overfill, rendering the lid useless, and sending the pile crashing to the floor.

It’s become something of a universal game in our apartment, encompassing everything from said garbage, to the clothes in the dryer, to the pans in the sink.

One of us usually blinks, and takes care of the chore, but for some reason we’ve both chosen to take a stand with this particular bag.

So we’ll see…at the time I’m typing this, I’m at work, so I’ve my fingers crossed that he’s finally broken down and cleared it.

But that wishful thinking is probably just…rubbish.

Do you ever say something to yourself, realize how incredibly stupid it sounded, and then think how happy you are that no one was around for you to have vocalized it to?


This morning, I found myself in the shower, 8am, soaped up, steaming hot water cascading over my body…

Ok, hi Harlequin Romance Novel.

Anyway, I was tired, slightly hung over, and shaving.

There, that’s not as sexy.

So I’m there in the shower, shaving, and just thinking random thoughts to myself.

One of the things that I was thinking of, for some reason, was my Word-of-the-Day e-mails that I get from Merriam-Webster.

I was thinking what a good idea it was, and how interesting and informative I always find it.

Then, as my mind continued along that thought path, the idea crossed my mind…

“Wouldn’t that be cool if they made a some sort of book out of all the Word-of-the-Days?”

I then realized that I had, in fact, just stumbled upon the concept of…a Dictionary.

Be well…


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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