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Booked For the Day
Written on 05.17.03, at 11:28 pm

dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Grandé Chocolate Malt

3 Bottles Zephyrhills Water

3 Pieces Fried Chicken

1 Order Mashed Potatoes With Gravy

1 Corn On the Cob

1 Buttered Biscuit

1 16-oz. Mello Yello

1 Michelina's Swedish Meatball Dinners

2 Glasses Kendall-Jackson Merlot

John Live*

As always...

*Not at all live...

It's been eighty-five days.

There, let's just get past that right now, and accept the fact that I was gone...Ding....accepted?


As you can see, I have a new layout...I think it's much more inviting than the previous, despite my former layout's award-winning reputation. The actual Bitchie is gone, as is the site that spawned it. 

I suppose awards, like their diarists, are ephemeral.

The layout is basically as I envisioned it, with one minor exception.

I wanted a scrollbar.

You see, I wanted the text box here to simply scroll, instead of engorging with words, and spilling down the page.

But after hours and hours of attempts on FrontPage, and researching how to create a scrollbar, my efforts yielded nothing but anger, and several empty bottles of moderately-priced Merlot.

I even went the route of slinking around Diaryland until I found a website with a scrolly-bar, so that I may "view source", and steal their code.

Alas, even after doing this, I could not create what it seems even twelve year old girls can.

So, dear readers, you're stuck with a nifty layout, and an elongated text box.

Deal with it...I'm back, aren't I?

A few high points to my absence...

Work is going well...as it should...I never have a bad time there.

I spent a month at CityWalk, the shopping/dining/entertainment venue at Universal Orlando.

So now, I'm basically trained across the property, able to handle anything at any venue under our business.

Which, I suppose is good...they don't fire useful people, do they?

In addition to work, I'm also freelancing a bit...one of the things I'm very excited about is the fact that I'm working for Mark Baker, stage managing Beach Ball 2003 at Gay Days this year.

Basically, they'll be paying me for doing what I do for a living anyway, only in this setting, I get to watch thousands of gay men run around in next-to-nothing bathing suits.

I know...it's a tough life, but someone has to do it.

I'm seeing someone, which is sort of a high point, but at the same time, not.

I've finally realized that I'm about as dysfunctional as they come when dealing with relationships, and can safely say that it's most likely not anything that the other person has done, it's my own Anna Nicole-sized neuroses kicking in.

I've been seeing said person for about a month now, and I've told myself that I'm gong to stick with it.

And...I'm trying....really, I am.

Though, sadly, I have my doubts, which will inevitably lead to a break-up.

I decided that I'm not really the best in this field...and I'm glad relationships aren't like criminal trials.

I'd surely be remanded without bail, citing the fact that I'm a definite flight risk.

Regardless of that, the idea of a relationship has weighed heavily upon my mind lately.

This has been brought upon by three things.

1) I've been watching Hedwig too much.

2) I've been waxing poetic after a few glasses of red as of late.

3) I've been bumping into/spending time with/living with too many ex's.

Ex-boyfriends are an interesting breed for me, mainly because I live with one. Another reason is that I'm on such amicable terms with my ex's, leading me to take a look at my vernacular.

No longer do I think I should use the phrase "ex-boyfriend", as it seems to have negative connotations in the gay community.

Going forward, I have decided that the new term to describe the former emotional investments I call "ex's" is to be...

"Boyfriend Emeritus."

Don't you agree?

It has the air of highbrow intelligence, and it negates the stigma that the "ex" prefix seems to carry.

Also, lots of people don't know what "emeritus" means, so they'll assume you have some sort of foreign boyfriend, making you all the more desirable.

Speaking of stupid people, I was in Barnes & Noble last night, perusing books, and, sadly...cruising the store.

"Cruising a Barnes & Noble?" you ask.

Yes...it's true.

While many people feel more comfortable cruising, oh, let's say...a bath house...I cruise Barnes & Noble.

This is because I know my type...the nerdy, shy, bookish type.

And please, let's not assume that when I say "cruise", I mean "find someone to walk into the bathroom next to the 'Judaica' section with me"...

I mean "carry around a copy of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason and see who notices".

But along those lines, as I was walking around, looking for a book to pique my interest, I noticed that a 30-something, husky gay man was trailing me at every turn.

I didn't think much of it, until he passed me in the Reference aisle, and whispered something that, while incoherent, managed to convey the intended air of sleaziness that he was obviously going for.

Shaken, I stole away to the opposite corner of the store, and feigned interest in something by James Van Praah until I had lost him.

In the end, I purchased two books...Woe is I: The Grammarphone's Guide to Better English, on a strong recommendation from Nick, and The Men With The Pink Triangle, a firsthand account of homosexual prisoners in the Holocaust.

So, with that, I'll end my first entry of the new layout...and it's worth mentioning that Adam has also returned.

Which, um...had no bearing at all on my decision to forge ahead.

Oh, it's also worth mentioning that I've nearly gone through a bottle of Merlot while writing this.

Not alcoholism, just boredom.

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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