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The "Presitance" of Memory
Written on 2003-02-19, at 6:58 p.m.

Right, so...I'll have a real update soon, but I wanted to share this with you. 

My computer monitor has been acting all wonky lately, and I know it's a monitor problem, because when it happens, I whack the side, and it stops.

Below is the transcript of the internet help desk chat I just had with Gateway.com

Read, and believe me that this is the conversation, verbatim.

Shawn: Hello John, welcome to Remote Assistance. My name is Shawn and my badge number is 173.I will be your technician.
John: Hi, thank you
Shawn: From your description I understand that you have an issue on abnormal display in your system.
John: Yeah, the top and bottom of the display on the monitor get distorted from time to time
Shawn: Could you please tell me, what version of Windows you have loaded and if this is the system with the issue?
John: 98
Shawn: Are you currently on the system that needs an issue resolved? 
John: And yes...I think it's more of an actual monitor problem though, it seems to have something to do with display coming from the screen.
Shawn: May I know from when this problem has started?
John: About a month ago.
John: But it's just recently started to get worse.
John: Like the display is being squeezed together.
Shawn: Have you recently installed any software or hardware or downloaded anything from internet?
John: I added a new memory card, but that was after the problems had started.
John: And as far as downloads, nothing out of the ordinary, music, movie files, etc.
Shawn: Can you show me the abnormal display in your Monitor?
John: I'm waiting for it to happen, of course now it's acting fine.
Shawn: So that I can able to resolve the issue in a better way.
Shawn: Even I can able to see all the icons are looking fine in your system.
John: Yeah, it looks just fine now...but when it happens, the black areas on the top and bottom of the screen get wavy, and the screen condenses.
John: When I tap on the side of the monitor, it usually stops for a while, though I know that's probably not helping anything.
Shawn: John I think your display is fine. Can you BELIEVE that??? 
Shawn: Our chat today has been documented in Service Request 1-642378209. 
John: Right, but there is something wrong with the monitor.
Shawn: Will you tell me what is wrong with the Monitor?
John: I did, unfortunately it's not doing it at the moment. I'm sure it's nothing that has to do with software, it's the actual display output of the screen.
John: It becomes distorted on both the top and bottom
Shawn: John it looks fine now.
John: Right, just like I said, it's fine at this moment, but do you have any idea of what the distortion might be?
Shawn: It may occur due to playing games or video driver files corrupted.
John: And how would I find out if that's the case?
Shawn: You can restart the system if you have that problem.
John: But...it's been happening for a month now.
Shawn: And see whether the issue presists.
Shawn: If it presists then you should reinstall the Video driver.
Shawn: I hope now it is looking fine.
John: Right, so now, if it "presists", I'll just do that.
John: This has been of no help whatsoever, thank you for your lack of assistance.

Gateway.com secure connection closed 18:54 2/19/03. Connection reset by peer.

And that is why I will now never purchase a Gateway product again.

Be well...


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