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New, And A Bit Alarming...
Written on 2003-01-23, at 3:12 a.m.

It's been far too long, really it has. 

It seems like I'll start to write a good entry, but then it just goes by the wayside...and before you know it, the extensive entry you had written to chronicle your Christmas/New Year experiences seems bland and worthless.

I'll Cliff's Notes the past month for you:

- Merry Christmas blackout in Tampa, leaving my grandparents house plunged into a candlelit Christmas eve, where I sat watching them try to teach my mentally challenged sister how to play gin rummy. 

- Happy New Year...I spent it soaking wet and alone. Not like, alone without a boyfriend, but alone on my couch watching Dick Clark. C'est la vie.

- They fired a lot of people out at Universal.

   "Universal's dismissals ranged from clerks to one vice president in sales whom a spokesperson declined to identify. Universal Orlando currently has more than 30 vice presidents among its various departments. Right under the rank of vice president are Universal's directors; at least four of them were dismissed." 
                                                        -Orlando Sentinel; Jan 10, 2003

I thankfully survived said layoffs, as did everyone in my immediate department. Our Vice-President was demoted to a Sr. Director, but the events team survived this one. Here's a happy little picture of me on the day it was all happening:

That would be me at my desk updating my resume, just in case. Notice how there is more decoration than actual work related paraphernalia. My personal favorite is the plush King Kong scaling my cabinet in the upper right.

And ew, I'm slouching.

- I moved. Into a lovely little apartment on a road called Millenia. Next door to a mall. A really, really great mall. And five minutes from Universal. I'm really trying to avoid ever getting on an interstate again.

- I got a new cell phone. I'm now a loyal Nextel customer. It's bigger than my last one, but I can't stand tiny phones, so that's good. I also have a new number, in case anyone out there (who should have it) needs it.

- And speaking of driving, I bought a new car. Though Velma, my loyal 96' Buick Skylark had served me well for many years, she was on her last axles, and instead of shelling out a large amount of cash to fix her up until the next time she broke, my father set me up with a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer, a great interest rate, and my first ever car payments. This vehicle is yet to be named.

- In my month long absence from Diaryland, was Quoted...Twice. In my month long absence from Gap, I was given a $1 an hour raise. Here's to unwarranted recognition.

- I won a Bitchie!!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me, making me the clear winner for having the most blinding layout in the world of online journaling. I was thinking of changing it, but now it would be like changing an Oscar winning movie....wouldn't it?

- And finally...I've met a boy, who seems to really like me, despite the fact that I've let him get to know me. The strangest part is, I like him too. It's fairly new, and we're both going nice and slow, but...I'm smiling.


New home, new car, new phone, new boy.

Happy New Year.

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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