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Don't Bug Me
Written on 2002-06-30, at 11:12 p.m.
dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Cinnabon

1 Peanut Butter Whirl (Peanut Butter, Honey, Ice Cream, and Banana Smoothie...the proper name)

1/4 Chicken White Meal

8 Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp

1 Bag Sour Patch Watermelons

John Live*

Bathed in the eerie glow of a computer screen, John attempts to wake up his neighbors with showtunes.

*Not at all live


Hey there unnecessarily angry guy.

Sorry about the entry last night...I'm fairly certain that I was channeling Joan Crawford.

Or at least Faye Dunaway portraying Joan Crawford.

Though, my egocentric little rave did spawn this lovely piece of poetry from Taylor...

HalfLight82: I wrote a poem for you
HalfLight82: It's called "Ode to Binky"
HalfLight82: John's a nice boy who lives in Orlando
HalfLight82: That I met from his Ranting and Raving and Rainbows.
HalfLight82: Today he is sad, and I'm not quite sure why
HalfLight82: I think he's quite fly (if even for a white guy)
HalfLight82: If I lived down there now I'd hop on my scooter
HalfLight82: And listen as he sang the praises of his cooter
HalfLight82: (la la la)
HalfLight82: A poet I'm not as you see from this rhyme
HalfLight82: But I like when you're happy, content and sublime.
HalfLight82: So don't you frown, cry, stumble or stutter
HalfLight82: Just enjoy one of your smoothies made of rich peanut butter!
HalfLight82: ta da :-D

Maya Angelou, watch out...I know why the caged bird DIES!!!!

Oh God...I thought that was really funny...

I'm going to blame all my insanity the past few days on the rain.

It's been raining for a while.

Also, two and a half weeks.


I'm getting so tired of it.

The ground is so saturated, it's like a giant sponge.

I could fall out of my second floor window, and just bounce back up.

My lawn of my apartment building looks like the Congo.

It keeps raining, so they can't cut the grass.

It just keeps growing, and growing, and growing...

I've had to hire a tribesman to guide me to my Buick.

I was reminded of one of the worst things about unceasing rain here in Florida today.


Yes, tiny vermin.

No, not mosquitoes, born from the standing water...they don't bug me.

HA! BUG...ALL puns intended.

Anyway, ants.

You see, when the terra gets nice and soaked through, there's not too much they can do down there.

So what happens?

They head up.

Like, to the second floor of an apartment building.

Like, to my apartment.

I had just brought home some Boston Market this afternoon, and was ready to have a nice dinner on my dining room table.

Also known as the floor in front of the television.

And what do I see marching across the carpet, surrounding a bag of Pepperidge Farms cookies which I thought I had closed tightly?


Vicious bastards.

I traced their route, and found that they were penetrating my place through my bay windows.

A little line of them, making themselves at home in a bag of clothing I was planning on giving to Goodwill.

Disgusted, I grabbed a bottle of Raid Ant Formula...

Which I don't understand...what if I only had spider formula? Or wasp formula? Would they look up, mockingly, and say "Ha ha ha!! Wrong deadly poison! I take my leave, but we shall meet again!!"?

...and sprayed the little intruders to kingdom come.

Forgetting, of course, that I'm in a one-bedroom apartment, with no windows open.

So, once the dancing colors and chemical hallucinations subsided, I was left with a trail of tiny corpses to deal with.

All, of course, given a proper burial by vacuum.

It's almost the 4th of July, and you know what THAT means!!!!

Ten days till Bastille Day!!!

I'm actually fairly excited about the 4th this year...or, more so, the actual events of the 4th.

Nate and I got a great freelance gig as event coordinators for Red, Hot, and Boom this year, so I'm really excited to be doing that, since it's a very, very large scale event, which is what I work best with.

Although I think I'm the only person in America who knows who A1 are.

Or at least the only person in America excited about seeing them.

Scotty and I saw Lilo and Stitch tonight.

It was my second time seeing it.

I. Love. This. Movie.

It's just incredible.

Alex Kupershmidt is brilliant.

Oh, he was the supervising animator for Stitch.

Why do I rave about a kiddie movie, you ask?

Because I know how it was made...I know just what went into it.

I worked at the Feature Animation Studio here in Florida for nearly a year, on and off while "Mulan" was being completed.

And I don't think that enough people realize just how much work goes into making one of these movies.

See those backgrounds?

Hand painted.

See the crashing waves, the rain, the lightning, the flames in the fireplace?

That's a whole department called Visual Effects.

That's what they draw...Every. Single. Day.

And most of all...see that character moving on the screen?

Ok...now watch it move, and count one second.

Done? That was twenty-four drawings.

If there were two characters moving, forty-eight.

And so on.

I rant about this because I hate the idea that so many people have that Disney just turns on a computer and POOF!...there's a movie.

Everything you see in one of the traditional Disney features is hand-drawn and animated.


Though they use a computer effect here and there for certain things, that's all they are...effects.

An animation team can spend weeks on barely a minute's worth of drawings. There are key poses, in-betweens, clean-up art, and so much more.

The only thing that's not still done by hand is the painting of the cells.

Once you have a final, cleaned-up frame, it's scanned by camera into a special system where the artist can just point and click the colors, like a paint-by-number.

This makes the process a lot faster, more vibrant, uniform...and much less messy.

Wow...where did all that come from? Anyway...I was just saying how much I liked Lilo and Stitch, and I'd recommend it to everyone.

It's very funny, and the artwork is very nicely stylized, which I liked very much.

Also, David the animated surfer is incredibly hot.

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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