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Do You Mime? I'm Trying to Talk.
Written on 2002-05-07, at 11:31 p.m.
dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Coke

1 12-Piece Chicken Nuggets

1 Large Sweet Tea

1 Large Waffle Fries

1 Carnation Instant Breakfast

1 Chicken Cesar Wrap

1 Bag Ruffles

2 Bottles Water

2 Taco Supremes

1 Seven Layer Nachos

1 Large Mountain Dew

I've been consuming as much as a small country since I've started working out.

John Live*

Me and my big boy haircut.

*Not at all live.

UPDATE, YOU WHORE! :o) We miss you!

from TK

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6:16 pm - Tuesday,May 7, 2002

See, all someone had to do was ask nicely.

Two weeks, has it been?

I suppose it has.

Now, I do have a very valid excuse for the first week, it was finals, and I was very busy at work.

The second week, well...

Let's just chalk that one up to laziness.

Well, that, and the fact that I was taking some time to think about a lot of things...

I found myself one day telling someone (who had inquired as to why I didn't have a boyfriend) why I didn't need, or want a boyfriend.

And as I was telling this person that, I realized just how pathetic I sounded.

So I decided to form a battle plan.

Because I don't not want a boyfriend.

I want one.

I want...42 of them...

Well, no...not 42, just one really, really good one.

I haven't quite figured out the exact plan of attack yet, but it will happen, and soon.

Um...or, else.

My job...

Is amazing.

They pay me to go to parties.

Well, sort of.

I do all sorts of things really, but sitting in on the parties making sure that all the entertainment is going according to plan.

But I do do other things.

For instance...

This afternoon I found myself perched high above Marvel Super Hero Island on a rooftop with Spider-Man.

No, this was not some clandestine, spandex-laden, rendezvous as much as it was a production shoot.

As you can imagine, Spider-Man is, um...just a little popular at the moment, so he's being used quite a bit around the park.

Later this week, I take him out for some screening as well.

I hope they let me stay for the movie.

Toby Maguire...Mmm...

The group of people I work with now compliments me in a way I'd never have imagined.

And by complimenting me, of course I mean they're just as crass and politically incorrect as I am.

Tonight, during our event, my stage manager turns to me after just tripping over his words, and babbling something incoherent over the radio for about the sixth time tonight, and says...

"You know, I could have a stroke in about five minutes, and you'd never be able to tell the difference from the rest of the night."

We had a Mime for an event the other night.

Yes, a mime.

And guess who got to be in charge of him?


Now, I don't know a whole lot about mimes...but this one...

Well, he was awful.

As we all sat around the next day, it immediately became a topic of discussion...

Manager: God, that was about the most depressed mime I've ever seen, I thought he was going to kill himself.

Tech Manager: How would a mime kill himself?

Me: He'd jump off a building...only, very quietly.

Manager: I don't know...he looked like he stepped out of a made-for-TV mime movie..."The Mime Who Had Cancer".

Which, I know I'm going to the deepest rungs of hell for laughing at, but it was pretty darned funny.

Oh well...I'm back, not that I really left, I was just getting lazy while I settled into my new job.

So no more nasty letters, and no more porn sites advertising on my guestbook, please. If I really had readers named Fonda and Destiny, I think I'd just jump off a building.

But, very quietly.

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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