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Music...makes the people...make fun of other people...
Written on 2002-01-30, at 7:33 p.m.
dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Bag Berry Skittles

1 1/4 Double Stack w/Cheese

1 Five Piece Chicken Nuggets

1 Grande Chai Latté

2 Bowls Mickey's Magix Cereal

John Live*

Wife. Beater.

*Not at all live

Hello there diary, long time no see.

How have you been?

Life treating you well?


I'm sure people are beginning to notice the infrequent spasms of entries that have been coming out of me lately.

Well, I apologize, though I did find it interesting that, like Adam, my number of readers, and number of hits per day increases drastically on the days I take my poor diary for granted.

The reason for all this absence is that school is bending me over a chair, and making me take it like the proverbial "man".

In addition to that, I'm back at Universal, as a talent coordinator for the Mardi Gras event, which goes into rehearsals this week, and runs through April.

However, I'll try to stay on some sort of a regular update schedule, I promise.

In music news, I watched TRL for the first time in months today, and make a few obvservations about the current status of the world of music.

The Shakira video came on, you know, the "Wherever, Whenever"...


I had never seen the video before, and I swear on all things gay, I thought it was a parody.

"No," I thought...

"This can't be the real video..."

But alas, it was.

She's writhing around in mud, gyrating like an epileptic jackrabbit on dirty herion, and her dance moves...

Her dance moves reminded me of a poor-man's Jane Fonda workout tape, circa 1985.

So Shakira, relax a bit, unless of course the gyrating is the result of blisteringly painful crabs.

In that case, seek immediate medical attention.

Meanwhile, I've been having filthy sexual fantasies about the lead singer of "The Calling" (NOT "The Challenge", like I so stupidly thought), that group that does the song, "If I could....then I would..." blah blah blah...

I'm hoping he's much older than he looks, because he looks about twelve.

And I'm fairly sure that even thinking some of these things is illegal in most of the states that don't end with -bama.

And with that, I'm off to figure out why Joan Rivers is still living.

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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