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Written on 2002-01-09, at 1:56 a.m.
dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

3 Bowls Corn Pops and Milk

2 Bowls Golden Grahams and Milk

1/2 Chicken (White)

1 Side Corn

1 Side Mashed Potatoes

1 Grande Chai Tea Latté

John Live*

Wondering where Winter break went.


*Not at all live


Yes, tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my...well, semester.

To be more precise, in 7 hours begins my continuing quest in the annals of higher education.

Which of course is why I'm still up.

I truly am not looking forward to going back...this is going to be a tough semester, and I don't have any "buffer" classes.

Even French, my best and favorite subject is on the dreary topic of literature, and what's more, is entirely taught in French. Myself, because of schedule conflicts, having not had an actual French class in two semesters now, am quite nervous.

My first class is at 9am, again...which seems to be a sick, sadistic tradition with me.

Because I KNOW that I'm always running late, I KNOW that there will be traffic backed up like Louie Anderson's arteries, and I KNOW that I'll end up having to park in Western Mexico and hitchhike to class.

Fortunately though, my 9am class is a dull and boring one, with a professor whom I've had before, and know he cares nothing for tardiness, or even absence.

This is good for my schedule, bad for my commitment to e-joo-kay-shun.

My cable is currently out, though I seem to be able to get PBS, and the "study-from-home" channels.

A call to Time Warner Cable to find out the cause of this warrants me this recorded response:

"Thank you for calling Time Warner Central Florida. Please note that at 12am, January 9th, digital customers in the greater Orlando/Winter Park areas will experience a cable outage until approximately 7am for service upgrades. We apologize for the inconvienence, and thank you in advance for your patience as we build a better Time Warner for you."

None of which, of course, pacified me...I'm an insomniatic faggot, and want my digital music Showtunes channel, dammit.

Upgrades, eh? For seven hours of service time, this thing better be able to fellate me in the morning, and make me some pancakes when it's done.

While searching through old files on my computer this evening, I came upon one titled:


Upon inspection, I have deemed it to, in fact, not be "my cock".

Upon further inspection, it also seems to be no one's cock which I immediately recognize, leading me to believe that this phantom phallus somehow made it onto my computer via the pornmongering elves that live in my nightstand, guarding their trove of unused condoms, and factory sealed lubricant.

With that visual embedded in your minds,

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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