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Would a Cow Take a Bullet for You?
Written on 2001-12-18, at 3:59 a.m.

dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Order Fried Chicken

1 Side of Corn

1 Side of Ambrosia

2 Cigarettes

John Live*

My hair is not blue, I assure you.

*Not at all live

"Lord of the Rings" Progress

Book: "The Fellowship of the Ring"

Page: 208

At this point, I'll be happy if I can get this book done by tomorrow.

Today was a very memorable day...

Not for anyone else really, just for me.

Because today was the day that I purchased my very first leather jacket.

I don't know why I bought it really...it's 85 here, and there's no sign of cold weather in sight, but I decided that I needed it.

And the fact that it really made me look good didn't hurt.

"Oh, but what about those poor cows you savage bastard?!?!?!"

Hey, if they want one, they can get a job like everyone else.

Speaking of Gap, which we really weren't...

I met Valerian today, expanding the ever increasing list of Diarylanders who wander into Gap.

I had walked in, and was not supposed to be on the sales floor, but there was a line 6 people deep at the registers, which were manned by a fairly new associate, and a large black man whom I had never before seen.

So I jumped on the register to clear the line out, and there in front of me is Halloween on legs.

I thought...

"Wow...this is cool..."

She had Halloween everything on, right down to the little candy bucket, and was purchasing Halloween Boxers.

If I were a deeper man, which I'm not, I would say something like "The juxtaposition of her standing in the middle of a commercial Christmas wasteland was enough for me to realize the shallowness of society, with their willingness to strip sacred events down to materialistic baubles."

But I won't.

Did you know that Kansas City, Missouri, has more fountains than any other city on Earth besides Rome?

It's true.

By the way, Mariah Carey is still alive, though by all accounts not well.

I haven't updated the MCD (Mariah Carey Deathwatch) in a long time, so I thought before I finish, I'll leave you with this conspiracy theory.

Mariah's album, "Glitter", was released on September 11th.

WAS it an act of terrorism that day, or did someone simply have their new Mariah CD turned up too loud, driving the wrong people over the edge?

You decide.

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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