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To DVD, or not to DVD?
Written on 2001-11-15, at 1:34 p.m.
dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Butterfinger Granola Bar

1 Caramel Apple Cider

1 Piece Crumbleberry Coffee Cake

2 Slices Leftover Pizza

John Live*

See, I told you he does it...but this time I caught it on film...er...on gigabyte...or whatever.

Oh, I'm wearing that thing because I'm listening to my Hedwig CD.

*Not at all live

I sit here, Credit Card in hand, contemplating making the jump into the 21st Century, and purchasing a DVD player.

Not really for any reason other than the fact that I'm a tad bored, and that always brings upon impulse spending.

I don't really know that I want a DVD player, but I feel that for the purposes of social acceptance, I need one.

I have no DVD's, don't plan on purchasing any, and I don't really see a difference between a DVD, and a VHS. But for God's sake...

I need a DVD player.

So, I think I'll get one.

I spent the better part of my day today in the Financial Aid office at school, making sure that I was properly set for the next semester.

I hate waiting.

I hate offices.

But I especially hate this office.

The Financial Aid department's little corner of the world at my school consists of a reception area staffed by a few homely spinster-esque women who would would rather have you stand in an empty line, listening to them groan about how often the phone rings than ask you for any assistance.

To the right sits a small are used for cyber-registration, decorated by a vaginally suggestive Robert Mapplethorpe photograph of a lily facing the glaring image of a "Baby Kittens" screensaver on the computers.

This all added to the ambiance of an incredibly tedious appointment with the single finance counselor working that day.

I'm watching the movie "The Replacements" at the moment, and honestly can't believe I haven't seen this film until now.

It's hilarious, and I had dismissed it as some idiotic male strut-fest as to the glories of football, fraternity, and ethnically diverse casting.

But I must say, John Favreau makes the film, and for those of you who've seen it, you know what I mean.

The cat has taken to bird-watching lately, but not in the professional sense.

In the sense of diving into my venitian blinds, wondering why the pane of glass prohibits him from ravaging the family of ducks who reside in the lake beneath my apartment.

He's currently asleep in my lap, stirring now and then to twitch about, and make noises which I've never heard him voice in waking.

He's still obnoxiously hyperactive, though.

In the past two days, he's knocked over my garbage can twice, broken a vase I've had for years, shredded half of my ottoman, and urinated where he shouldn't.

I'd be mad at him, but it's really nothing I haven't done after a few too many tequila shooters.

That'll do pig, that'll do.

Be well...


P.S.-I was reviewed the other day...took me by surprise, but hey...at least it was good.

P.P.S-It's a new week, so make sure you Clix! me!!

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