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I'm putting the "men" in Menopause
Written on 2001-09-21, at 1:24 p.m.
dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1/2 a Josie's pizza.

1 2-Liter of Coke

1 Cigarette

So, as I sit here, munching on my pizza, waiting, no, killing, time until I have to go to work, I flip through the channels, and happen upon reruns of "China Beach".

It was wonderful.

I had forgotten that this show even existed.

But there is was, Dana Delaney and company, in the show I used to groan at when it came on long ago, as it interrupted much more important shows.

Like ALF.

Well right now, it's actually 10:20pm, I left for work, and kept the entry open...

I hate myself for what I'm about to say...


This is my diary, and I have to be honest...

Mariah Carey is making me cry.

She's singing "Hero", and I'm wondering if it's just the song, and the fact that I just turned "America: A Tribute to Heroes" on TV, or if she's really making me cry.

For the sake of my pride, I very much hope it's just the song.

10:40 Julia Roberts almost cries.

I do.

10:48 Paul Simon, "Bridge over Troubled Water", I'm sobbing.
10:52 Celine Dion, "God Bless America", nevermind the fact that she's Canadian, she can sing the Oscar Mayer jingle, and still bring me to tears.

Which she has.

Maybe Barbara Streisand should sing "O Canada".

10:55 Clint Eastwood looks really bad. He looks sort of like Mr. Rogers.
10:57 Willie Nelson and Company, "America". God, just how old IS Goldie Hawn anyway?

Ok, Mariah needs not add her "touch" to the song.

And...I don't care how somber the event, James Woods cannot help but always look evil, I think.

Wow, that lead Dixie Chick looks like she ate the other two.

Was...someone prompting them on the words at the end? Or was that guy supposed to be speaking the words?
Tonight at work, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of dread. Like I was really scared, and worried about something, but I had no idea what it is.

I still have that feeling, though it's subsided a bit...I just wish I didn't have it. I hate taking a pessimistic view of things, but I really can't shake the feeling that the worst of this is not yet behind us.

Maybe it's because in my 20th Century Humanities class, we're on World War I. We're watching videos, and discussing how people were very gung-ho to get into a war, ready to get in there, kick ass, and get out in time for Christmas...

But, as many know, actually became the bloodiest, and most gruesome confrontation the World had seen to date.

I don't know where I'm going with that, I think it's just that I don't want something like that to happen now.

Everyone is all ready to head over there and "kick some Arab ass", as people are putting it, but what happens if, and when, other countries get involved, and then the next terrorist attack is where, and with what? Anthrax at a Baseball game? Ebola in a major city? Something in a major water supply?

Geez...remember when I used to have a fun Diary?

Sorry about all this...I'm having all these weird emotions lately, strange mood swings, all that.

Mood swings, as quite evident by this entry...yikes.

I think I'm not getting enough estrogen.

Or too much, whatever...

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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