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Would someone plug Mr. Jennings in? His batteries are low
Written on 2001-09-12, at 11:58 p.m.
dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Box Popcorn Chicken (from KFC)

3 A&W Root Beers

1 Fettucine Alfredo with Crabmeat

1 Ceasar Salad

But what I really wanted, was a Cinnabon.

Through all this tragedy, I have discovered a long guarded national secret.

Something that I doubt anyone would have noticed had this not happened.

And that secret is this...

Peter Jennings is a robot.

A damn, dirty ape...er...robot.

I got home yesterday at about 10:35am, turned on the news, and who's there at the anchor desk?

Peter Jennings.

I, like all of America, watch.....

...and watch...

...and watch.

Hours later, uninterrupted by commercials, mind you, still...

Peter Jennings.

It's nearly 6pm, I slip off to sleep for about 2 hours, and I awake to the now familiar visage of...

Peter Jennings.

It's about 1am, and I had flipped to "Spin City" for just a little while, to liven my spirits a bit, but once I was back to ABC, it was...

Peter Jennings.

Finally, at 2am, EST, he stepped down to the lovely Elizabeth Vargas.

Now, assuming that he was rushed there shortly after the first tower was hit, let's say he got there at about 9:30am.

9:30am-2am. With NO COMMERCIALS, and NO BREAK.

That's Sixteen and 1/2 hours.

Now, as he signed off early this morning, I thought, good for you Peter Jennings, go home and sleep.

And I did the same.

However, when I got up at about 8am to get ready for school, who was on my television?

Peter Jennings?

Peter Jennings.

And as far as I know, he was on the air till late into tonight, as when I left the apartment at 8:30pm this evening, he was still going strong.

Therefore, the only explination that I have is that Peter Jennings is some sort of uber-robot, which only needs a few short hours of recharging in order to flawlessly deliver the news to America for hours on end.

Bravo Cyber-Peter Jennings.

Today at school was pretty sober, there really weren't a lot of people there, as is understandable.

I went because 1) I felt that I needed to be around a lot of people, and 2) Everyone I know and love is accounted for, and I didn't feel that I should just be sitting around watching the news.

We talked about the events of yesterday during my 20th Century Humanities class. It was fairly uneventful, besides me ridiculing a girl in class.

I really didn't mean to, it just slipped out.

She was going on and on and on about how stupid we would be to attack the Middle East, regardless of when...and how we need to do something, but not to hurt them...

And I think that that phrase...

"Like what, send them COOKIES?"

...slipped out of my mouth.

To which the rest of the class agreed.

I hope she's not in my semester project group.

Something though that really moved me, as I was walking back to my car, I saw the Bloodmobile was on campus...

And the line stretched from the door of the vehicle, all the way down the building.

That really moved me to see my generation, the "X" generation, the "slacker" generation, taking action, and doing something to help in a time of so many peoples needs.

On the other hand, it about set me off again, as I really wanted to give blood, but apparently I can't now for TWO reasons...One, I've had sex with a man since 1977, and Two, I've had a piercing other than my ears in the past year (I took my navel ring out, and had to go get it repierced, as I couldn't get it back in.).

But againg, it was amazing to see so many people doing their part for this cause.

Though this day was a little better, I was still pretty down, so I did what I usually do when I'm kinda...blah...

And that's go watch the fireworks at Epcot.

There's something about that show that really makes me happy, the music, the fireworks, the show in general...

But tonight, I really listened to the lyrics, and though they're intended to be talking about the future, some of them really took on a new meaning since yesterday...

With the stillness of the night
there comes a time to understand
to reach out and touch tomorrow
take the future in our hand

We can see a new horizon
built on all that we have done
and our dreams begin another
thousand circles 'round the sun

We go on
to the joy and through the tears
We go on
to discover new frontiers
Moving on
with the current of the years

We go on
moving forward, now as one
Moving on
with a spirit born to run
Ever on
with each rising sun

To a new day
We go on

We go on

For the first time since I was...six, maybe...last night I was scared of the dark. And you know, I'm fairly sure of the fact that there were older, and braver people than I that felt the same way.

That's about it kids, I hope that everything is going a little better, and we're all on our way to reurning to some sort of normality, whatever that is anymore.

Stay safe, and...

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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