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School rage, school rage, hateful, spiteful, school rage...
Written on 2001-08-23, at 12:52 a.m.
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I'm coining a new term.

It's called "School Rage"

This term is applicable to all those on college campuses who snap under the insanity of that first week of the Fall semester where not one soul has any clue what the hell they're doing, where they're going, or why only college students play "Frisbee Golf" (it's on EVERY campus in the country, I think.).

School rage comes from waiting in one line to talk to a counselor before you can register, waiting in another line to register for classes, waiting in another line to beg for an override to MAYBE get one of the classes you need, waiting in the same line to re-register for the class, and waiting in a final line to pay, only to find you've left your checkbook at home, and will be dropped unless you schlep your ass home to get it.

School rage is arriving to campus 45 minutes early, but arriving to class 15 minutes late because you cannot find a parking spot (On campus students, you can stop snickering.).

School rage is paying $95 for a book, just because the professor wrote it.

School rage is waiting an hour to PAY for the book, only to find you've been standing in the "Financial Aid Only" line.

School rage is the nausea you feel when you realize you've sat down in the wrong class after the professor has started, and you must decide on making that walk of shame out the door, or simply missing your real class.

School rage is Department secretaries treating you like you're an annoyance, when you, in actuality, pay their salary.

School rage is Universities designating OUTDOOR "No Smoking" areas, and writing tickets if you do.

School rage is sitting behind a desk with the word "FAG" scrawled on the back of the chair, and thinking you left that in High School.

School rage is that guy who comes to the "free speech area" or "the green", or "the lawn", or whatever it's called at your school, and yells about Jesus, and how everyone is going to go to hell. (I think all universities have one of these guys as well.)

School rage is cafeterias that don't accept ANYTHING but cash.

And finally, school rage is having ALL this happen to you on your first day back.

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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