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Nothing says Christmas like senseless violence
Written on 2001-08-17, at 10:34 p.m.
diboy's disturbing daily diet...

1/4 Chicken (white meat, I'm a fowl bigot, tee-hee...anyway...)

1 Mashed Potatoes

1 Ceasar Salad (According to Steve, it's gay food)

3 Cigarettes

Ok, about those cigarettes...as I was leaving work, I light up a ciggy, and one of my managers (the one I like the least, mind you...) says...

"Hey, John, are you going to miss your lungs when they're gone?"

UGH...I DETEST that...

It goes along with my hatred of people who share insignificant thoughts.

I guess some people are obliged to enlighten us plebians, as we have no idea as to the effects of nicotine intake.

"Lungs, what? You mean this shit is BAD for you??"

I think all smokers should be allowed to carry bats, and when someone says something stupid like that, we can bash their knees in.

That way, if they continue to bother us about smoking, we can just push their wheelchairs into heavy traffic.

So as a Christmas gift, buy all your friends who smoke a nice Louisville Slugger.

So today, I'm at work, and guess what?

Come on.



Ok, I'm not typing anymore till you guess.




WRONG...geez, why do I try?

I met ANOTHER Diaryland personality, if you can believe it.

There I am, setting up a new display at "Le Gap", and out of nowhere, I hear...

"Are you John?"

Now my usual response to someone I don't recognize asking me that is "Listen, I was really drunk, just take penicillin for 2 weeks, it'll clear up."

But he didn't seem to have a rash, so I just said "Yes".

So voila! It was Adam, of adambesme.diaryland.com fame.

I wish I'd had more time to talk, but it's sort of tough to strike up a good conversation when people are asking you to find them jeans...

If I keep this up, I'll know everyone on Diaryland in...


Well, a few thousand days...

Remember how I said I say "thanks, you too" in stupid situations?

It happened again today.

As I was ringing some people up, we were chatting, and it came out that I had just had a birthday a few days ago.

So, as they were leaving, they said, "Happy Birthday, by the way."

To which I reply...

"Thanks, you too."

I couldn't be any cooler if I tried.

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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