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Now it's time to say goodbye...
Written on 2001-08-08, at 2:15 a.m.
dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Chicken Fettucine with Parmesean Cream sauce

1 Heavenly slice Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

2 Cigarettes

29 hours and counting, kids...

John's "to do" list before leaving for NY:

Turn off air conditioning. -Tomorrow

Deposit birthday money. -Tomorrow

Figure out why I have a pair of pants with care instructions reading: "Do not machine wash, do not dry clean, do not iron, do not bleach". It's a tad unnerving...I'm scared to wear them now. -Doing now

Coordinate outfits. (two a day, including back up for inclimate weather.) -Done

Stop taking bites off the leftover cheesecake which has been sitting in front of me for 4 hours. -After the next bite

Survive 5 more hours at work. -Tomorrow

Get hair and eyebrows done. -Done

Change my belly button ring. -When I'm done with this

Bleach my hair. -Done

Do laundry. -Being done

Stuff 20 outfits into a suitcase. -Tomorrow

See Carlos *SIGH*. -Tomorrow

So devoted kiddies, this is probably last entry for a while, as I'll be in NY for a bit, and don't know my computer situation.

But, I shall try to update at least once from there.

And so, as of Monday, August 13th, I will be a year older...Twenty-three...frightening.

Everyone have a good week, and perhaps I'll see some of you in NYC, who knows. We'll all be at Kurfew on Saturday night.

Just look for the bleach blonde in camouflage pants...

Then buy him a drink...

Be well...(all week)


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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