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Kierkegaard is a sexy name
Written on 2001-07-29, at 1:25 a.m.
dizboy's disturbing daily diet...

1 Pack of Rolos

1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Bagel

1 Odious Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Wendy's

Assorted Beverages

2 Cigarettes


Short and brief...

I'm very tired, and have such a headache that I am crying, I really didn't think that was possible.

I feel like at any moment, an alien larvae is going to burst from my cranuim, and start quizzing me on the works of Soren Kierkegaard...

Which I am not too widely read on. But it's fun to say, isn't it?


I don't suppose he got too many women, do you? It's not too sexy.

*OUCH* Skull is pulsating....

This is what I get for badmouthing Mariah, eh?

If I were a Buddhist, I'd call it karma.

But I'm not a Buddhist, so I call it a battle scar.


Can you tell I took thrice the dosage of NyQuil recommended?

I can.

Be well...(because I'm not at the moment)


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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