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The worst entry ever
Written on 2001-07-16, at 4:17 a.m.
Today was ok...


1 Meal of assorted meats, baked beans, garlic bread, and french fries (from Bubbalou's Bodacious BBQ, welcome to Florida)

1 Large sweet tea (slightly garlic flavored, I got over it)

0 Cigarettes (after last night, ugh, no...)


These are some things that my bathroom mirror thinks about.

It's dark in here.

I hate that shower curtain.

Look, there's John.

What color is his hair today?

Why is there a Life Saver stuck to me?

Hey, I can almost see out the window.

I wish he'd light a match when he's done....


P.S.-I wanted to delete this entry, but Kyle says it's delightfully mentally unstable. So it stays.

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