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Sexy sexy Cinnabons
Written on 2001-07-09, at 10:07 pm
There is really nothing better than sex.

Well...besides Cinnabons, but I think that's a given, don't you?

I mean, your pulse quickens, you lose control, your mind focuses on just one thing. Getting some. You want it hot, you want it sticky, you want it NOW. And just as soon as you think it won't get any better, it does. Then just as fast as it began, you're done.

Of course I'm still talking about a Cinnabon.


At this very moment, there are fireworks going off across the street. Most people have noisy neighbors to contend with, I have Universal Studios.

I'd like to talk about neighbors, actually. I have this one neighbor who always comes over asking for the STUPIDEST things. Do you have any mayonaise, do you have a cigarette, do you have any rolling papers...ad nauseam...

The thing is, I feel bad not accomodating her, because I once stole pot from her. Ok, not STOLE...here's what happened...

My neighbors always seem to have a lot of pot, and one night they were heading out to a club. Well, as they were pulling out of our complex, they were sideswiped.

By a guy.

By a fourteen-year old guy.

By a naked fourteen-year old guy.

Ok, so he wasn't NAKED naked.

He had a towel on.

Why, I don't know, but anyway...they got hit. Nothing big, but the cops were coming, so they didn't really want to have a stash sitting in the car. They called me, and I put it in my aptartment. The next day, the one who doesn't doesn't smoke came to retrieve it. I said something like..."So what's my holding fee going to be?". He said "Take some, she'll think the dog ate it." Though I felt the need to question this statement, I didn't, and took some.

I don't know if it's out of guilt, or what. I'm not a very big pot smoker, I do it on occasion, so I don't really know if there's some "Cannibus Conduct Code" (Hey, good alliteration John! Why thank you John, I try.) that I'm supposed to be living by or anything. But to say the least, I oblige her. It's just a tad annoying because of the nudity factor.

That was a nice segue...

The nudity factor is this...most of the time when I'm at home, I can be at any varied stage of nudity. Read up on royfly's journal. He understands nudity. This isn't really like a lifestyle choice, I don't enjoy being nude in most situations, just a laziness thing when I'm at home. I live alone, so

Ok, it's been about an hour...I stopped writing because Road Rules came on, and have no idea where I was going with that whole "naked time" thing. Road Rules pretty much sucked, and this Jam-Packed action episode furthers my conviction that all these shows are carefullly scripted and rigged.

I really want something salty.

I bought enough chocolate today to make Louie Anderson blush, and fate being the bitch it is, as soon as I took a bite of my Cadbury's Dairy Milk...I wanted some Ruffles Chips more than anything in the world. I think I'll get some now.

Be well...


Your Host and Emcee...dizboy.

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